December 11, 2023

Article – Family Relationship – Parents and Children – Neglecting Parents

Children who neglect parents are inhuman

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EINFOZINE FAVICON_16x16 > The Star newspaper, Friday 10 April 2015 (VIEWS – page 41)

I REFER to the letter “Parents must earn respect” (The Star, April 9). I read a caption on Facebook which said that when a man got wet in the rain, his father, sister and brother scolded him walking in the rain without protection of an umbrella but his mother said, “The stupid rain wet my son.”

This is what mothers are. The pain mothers go through bringing a child in bringing up their children right through marriage and helping out with their children.

Children should also be aware of the stress both fathers and mothers go through bringing up their children right through marriage and helping with their children.

In the past, families were bigger and so children did not get as much attention. But now with families smaller, the children are given undivided attention.

Parents babysit their children, send them to school, etc, when both parents are working. I feel that children which neglect parent are inhuman or may need psychiatric treatment.


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