December 11, 2023

How to be a successful couple in our world

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~ written by ACA and family members~

A good loyal faithful honest man/lady is hard to find. It’s hard enough to find one that suits the age, interests, goals, objectives & time zones, so treasure him/her if you have found one.
Are you really in love?:-
But then again, you have to be very sure if both of you are really in love with each other or is it just a puppy love or an infatuation. And also if you are both living far away from each other with time zone differences, are you both willing to make the long distance relationship work?
Be careful of the people who are trying to break your marriage:-
Be wise and do not be fooled by those sweet talkers who would only use you for a one night stand or just for a short period. There will always be people who are jealous if you are officially married with a marriage package. They have their cunning indirect ways to break your marriage, so do not trust anyone that easily. I have seen lots of cheating cases. Sometimes you may need to do some investigations to find out the truth. 
Find out his/her true character before you make your decision:-
Observation and patience is the best way to find out a person’s true character. Study which rooms he/she likes to be in. Study his/her behaviour when there are other ladies/men around. Watch how he/she treats you when there are other ladies/men around. See if he/she is paying more attention to the other person. This is how you will know if he/she truly loves you. A secretive behaviour is a dangerous sign. Secretiveness might be a sign that he/she does not want to be committed or hiding something. If he/she truly loves you, you will be able to see that he/she does not hide anything. Besides that, he/she will treat you like a queen/king and not like a toy for his/her own pleasure.
Does age matter in relationship?:-
Many a times I have seen the young men saying “Age is just a number” to an older lady just to get into their pants. From my 5 solid years being on this 3D community, a vast age difference is certainly not advisable. Try to find a partner that is around your age group. This is because I have seen two 60 plus years old ladies got themselves extremely heartbroken by marrying 20 plus years old guys which these guys were smart enough and telling these ladies that the marriage package is not important and these two ladies believed them. And true enough, they two young men left them after they have had enough of them.
Taking a step further when you are sure he/she is the right one:-
If you have found a good loyal faithful honest man/lady as your partner, perhaps a little time zone difference should not be a big problem as long as you both know how to manage your time wisely.
Most important thing is that both of you must be honest to each other at all times and inform each other of what they want out of the relationship or marriage.
There are 2 category of people on here when it comes to relationship, namely:-
Category # 1: Just be a couple on here.
This category does not require to exchange real life pics unless both agreed to do so, age is not important as well but preferably the age difference is not too vast. Do not get your ‘feelings’ messed up by mixing love in real life and love on this 3D community. Marriage on this 3D community does not mean that you are married to each other in real life. Please get this straight. Know your limits. Know what is right and what is wrong. I repeat, a role play marriage in this 3D community is not a real life legal marriage. Be very clear of that. If you both are very clear of this, then there will not be any problems later after getting the 3D marriage package. Discuss every detail so that you both will not have any complications later on.
Category # 2: To be a couple on here and later go to real.
This require a lot of suitability in all areas. Planning, legal documentations will have to be discussed thoroughly.
Some useful tips for the couples:-
1) make sure you both talk about everything
2) do not hide anything
3) find out both your schedules, make appointments to meet daily/weekly
4) inform each other’s likes and dislikes
5) inform each other’s strengths and weakness on here and ask yourself if you can live with his/her weaknesses before you say ‘yes’
6) understand that being a couple on this little world of ours is much more difficult than being a couple in real life. #Added point by family member: (There are lots of temptations in this ‘world’ or more sexier girls/guys around.)
7) understand that the person behind the avatar needs to go brb/afk randomly sometimes to work / sleep / to be in a meeting / to go out in town / to do house chores / to go to the washroom / to have a shower / etc. 
8) if your bf/gf/spouse is a creator, understand that they need concentration when creating.
9) understand the time zone difference and be loyal to your bf/gf/spouse when they are sleeping.
10) understand the working hours and be loyal to your bf /gf/spouse when they are working.
11) do not engaged yourself in any ‘one-to-one’ private chats anymore with the opposite sex after being committed to your gf/bf/spouse. If you do, then you are endangering your marriage/relationship just like the saying that goes “Do Not Play With Fire”. Put your Mode to ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Creating’ like Bibi and myself. Reason being, if there is no ‘hanky panky’ intention/s, then a man or woman will always talk to you in a public room instead of using a private room.
But putting your Mode to ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Creating’ still means that you yourself can invite others into your own private rooms to cheat on your partner as well. Therefore, you should know now that both you and her/him will have to be faithful and loyal to each other. And if you cannot be loyal and faithful to him/her, then it’s time to check yourself and be fair to her/him. I have seen some people who have actually took their own lives due to broken relationships or marriages. Some even lost the will to try to love again after their partner had cheated on them. Please be honest to her/him if you do not love her/him. So please, please & please again, we do not want to see that anyone getting hurt. We want everyone to be happy and believe there are still some good honest people existing in the world.
12) make sure you keep you keep your gf/bf/spouse well informed when you are not able to come online.
13) make sure you have other means of communications, not just one (eg. Skype, Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber & etc. because they will come in handy to avoid misunderstandings).
14) work out a time schedule of when you both should have romantic quiet time and when to spend time with the family. Do not forget to say what you need to say to avoid misunderstandings. Below are few phrases that can save you a lot of problems:-
   “brb” (be right back)
   “afk” (away from keyboard)
   “afk for about ? hours”
   “I will be offline for ? Days”
15) understand that there is nothing wrong with your gf/bf/spouse to have friends or besties of the opposites gender on here or even in real life. This is very normal. Bibi and I personally have wonderful friends or besties of the opposite gender on here and in real life who guides us through life with a sincere heart. He had introduced me to all his friends and vice versa to make sure we both know who our friends are on here and in real. We cannot be telling our gf/bf/spouse to unfriend/totally block them (the opposite gender of friends or besties) out because that would not be fair. I know who are the good female friends that Bibi have and he knows mine. We only block those who try to break us apart secretly or those who whisper and flirt with us secretly. Bibi and I send each other Whispers and Inbox Messages from the bad people so that we can both block them together.
16)  Always inform each other before you go to chat to someone in other public room unless you are in the Family room with all the family. The best is go together as a couple and not alone unless in that public room has full of people.
#Added points by family member:-
17) You have to accept your gf/bf completely, not just what you want from her/him. Have some respect for her/him.
18) Sincerity is a must. Do not expect anything from her/him but love, loyalty and caring.
19) Trust her/him. Don’t ever judge your gf/bf or make any assumption like guessing and all. That will only hurt her/him. If you have a fight with your gf/bf, throw away your madness, your emotions. Stay away from her/him for a while. Give yourself self a “ME TIME”. Sometimes you need to be alone to think clearly.
Do not take and follow any advices easily. Pick the good ones. You will know which is the good one for you. When you are ‘cool’ or no longer in an angry state of mind, then continue your discussion with her/him.
#Added point by AsianCaringAngel:-
20) If you cannot make time for her/him and she/he is always waiting for you, then it’s better not to hold on to the relationship as the person waiting is normally the person who suffers the most. Let her/him go so that she/he can find a new love and be happy again. This is better than making her/him feel depressed all the time on here.
#Added point by FronBeyond:-
21) Just never let go your true love ever, no cheating , no lying, no blackmailing and more other at all.
#Added point by heartman1 (later will be changed to mrvincentbitesme):-
22) Marriage is a wonderful invention: always try to sort out what is wrong never walk away from your true love and always fight for your love.