July 17, 2024



Lee Chong Wei
A weekly dose of badminton keeps the mind alert and tunes up your reflexes. This week, i’ve gotten lots of smashes and thankfully, success was on my side. When my opponent smashes, i have to be quick to return the smash or there goes my point.
My partner won’t be too thrilled about it, that’s for sure.

What is so interesting about Badminton?
This is what i can tell from my perspective and as a player:-
1. To be able to know where to hit that the opponent cannot return.
2. Finding your opponent’s weaknesses and target it whenever possible.
3. It’s a high energy game when you’re playing like the pros.(though far from being one)
4. The racket is like your controller- you direct where the shuttlecock should go.
5. It gets your mind to think fast and if not, just hit. Simple. And you will get better the more you play.

But just as for everything else, we will only get better when we put our focus and stretch our strength and techniques as far as it can go.

Returning smash is probably something all beginners would love to master. One of the good tips I found ,you can watch it here

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