July 17, 2024

eINFOzine’s Christian Songs


The playlist below will automatically plays when this page is loaded. If it does not start, try clicking on the orange coloured ‘Play’ button or reloading your browser page. You can also click on any songs in the playlist randomly to hear it immediately. Alternatively, you can stop the playlist below to listen to the Live Radio at the right side.

NOTE: To play the Live Radio: Select your desired ‘Genre’ and then followed by the ‘Stations’. If the radio still does not start or saying ‘the station is offline’ after selecting the ‘Genre’ and ‘Station’ on your handphone, then press the ‘Play’ button.

Songs will be added from time to time.  Message me if you have any song request.

Enjoy the songs/instrumentals & browsing.

Yours sincerely,

eINFOzine group